Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cafe de Klos - Google Maps

Cafe de Klos, Kerkstraat 41 Amsterdam - 020 6253730

I've just added the Google Map App at the bottom of the screen. Hopefully I'll be able to tweak it eventually and add some favorite spots.

Actually it could have a *sweet* journalistic purpose: if I can figure out how to tag all the places where gangland killings have happened, it might work as a multimedia addition to a story.

Note: TeleAtlas, recently bid for by TomTom, is the supplier of Google's Amsterdam maps. Google's also doing a cool 3-D imaging thing with Amsterdam's buildings that I'll post about if I can ever figure out how exactly it works.

Anyhow, my first use for the Map App will be for a restaurant recommendation for anybody who's coming to Amsterdam and not afraid of a little meat (pork).

Check out Cafe de Klos for the most kick-ass ribs in the city. In fact, they are an official purveyor to the House of Orange as well. But that's not the point.

The point is, just go there and order the ribs (just plain old ribs, not smoked). The cost is around 15 euros, and you're in heaven. Plus a couple more for the beers obviously.

Yuppies: check out 'Klokspijs'


Anonymous said...

so Tobe, can you play it on your guitar yet?


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ok, so now I'll go post my comment in the CORRECT post. so confused :-(