Saturday, March 22, 2008

Protest against Geert Wilders and Racism on the Dam

(her sign reads: "I'm afraid of the future, but I'm too big to scream.")

Today, around 2,000 people showed up on the Dam square to protest Geert Wilders and his anti-Quran film.

(a view of the crowd)

Well, in point of fact it was an anti-Racism demonstration, and since Wilders says he's not racist, maybe he shouldn't even be part of the discussion here.

However, he was certainly topic number one, and the main reason people turned out for the demo, as far as I could see.

("not wanted")

(sign: "Stop the Witch-hunt against Muslims. No room for Racism!)

Remembering the "Stop the Islamization of Europe" demo last month, I reckon this one was a little less than 100 times bigger (20 protesters versus 2,000, 30 press versus 100 press? just guessing).

Anyhow, here are some pictures and film clips.
The overview:

(in the scrum)

More pics and clips after the 'more'

Signs! (something in Frisian I can't read!) "Racism is not an opinion, but a crime" / "PVV + Wilders = Fascism"

("standing together against the right wing populist witch-hunt."


This is kind of a funny project _ people from "mediamatic" doing an art project where they try to flood YouTube with fake videos / apologies for Geert Wilders.

That's also freedom of speech, no?

I had a little trouble getting these guys to talk...nice people though.

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