Saturday, October 13, 2007

Magic Mushrooms Banned in Netherlands

Friday the Dutch government unveiled a ban on hallinogenic mushrooms.

I want to recycle some good photos I have lying around from earlier stories I did on this.


Secondarily, I wanted to remark on the following: here is a list of the top stories in the Netherlands Friday (just after midnight Dutch time).

For those of you who don't read Dutch, they are:
1) Record oil price
2) 300 French Arrested for Child Pornography
3) Dead gangster's girlfriend remains in jail
4) Free Internet for soldiers
5) More traffic jam information on highway signboards
6) Bulgarians stymie "euro" spelling
7) Student wounds two in Rotterdam
8) Schiphol Airport won't be privatized
9) Al Gore wins Nobel Prize.

While the mushroom ban got a fair amount of attention internationally, it wasn't considered significant enough to make the list of top stories in the Netherlands.

Not quite sure why that is.

The city of Amsterdam is protesting, but the Oracle predicts they will find it difficult to resist a well-reasoned decision taken at the national level.

(sorry for the blur but this was taken with a cell phone!)

The Cabinet also plans to introduce a ban on smoking next year; marijuana smokers will be forced to sit in a ventilated compartment separated from the rest of the coffee shop.

I've very curious to see how that will work in practice.

The main mushroom growing company, Procare, says they plan to throw a party with the last mushrooms they grow legally.

If I can swing an invite I'll go and take pictures.
(ready for packaging)

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