Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali protection fund stalls


Things aren't going that well for Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the United States, it appears.

Her business manager told Dutch radio today that in the two weeks since the fund for her protection (and that of other critics of Islam living under death threats), was set up, it has received $120,000 worth of donations.

That's enough for one month of private protection in the U.S.

On the one hand, that means, she's collecting money faster than she needs it. On the other hand, probably the bulk of the money that's going to be given has already been given and this means she'll be forced to return to the Netherlands soon.

The business manager, Peter Voortman, said most of the money came from "people who were cleaning out their piggy bank," and several American and Canadian philanthropists. Only a few small donations came from Dutch people.

The other thing that Voortman said was that she's busy writing a children's book "about a Muslim boy and a Jewish girl."

I wonder what the plot will be?

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