Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Eve attack in Rotterdam foiled?

(photo: miriam mannak)

Another day, another massive front page story by De Telegraaf somewhat spoiled by an outright denial.

The gospel truth is that three men were arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack.

De Telegraaf was way, way ahead of the pack, reporting in this morning's paper _ on the basis of anonymous sources _ that the attack was targeting Rotterdam's landmark Erasmus bridge.

However, after the men were arraigned today, prosecutors released the following statement:

"The suggestion in De Telegraaf this morning that the possible violent act was supposedly directed at the New Year's party in Rotterdam was fabricated out of thin air."

After the escaped gorilla story, you have to wonder what De Telegraaf _ the largest daily in the country _ is doing.

I wonder if this could be related to the latest data out today showing all major daily papers losing more subscribers (though declines were smaller this time).

Anyhow, watch out for those anonymice!
(photo: alBaqir)


That said, it's too bad to hear that the Dutch secret service thinks there are people out there trying to mount an attack. Just when things appeared to be cooling down a little in this country...

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