Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Naked PETA protest against Spanish bullfighting _ in Amsterdam?

A trio of protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals stripped down to their underwear on Amsterdam's central square on Tuesday to protest bullfighting in Spain and Portugal.

Protester Lauren Bowey said PETA plans similar protests in capital cities around Europe in the coming year, because tourists attending bullfights help keep them in operation.

"The arenas are a quarter full, but it's appealing to tourists," she said. The protest drew several hundred gawkers in the course of a half hour.

Asked whether she wasn't cold with just a sign board covering her breasts, Bowey told one tourist "it's nothing compared to what the bulls go through."

Funny how almost everything a topless woman says starts to make sense...

It was quite a nice day in Amsterdam today, though perhaps still a bit too nippy to want to stand naked on a public square.

A few photos of 'faces from the crowd.'

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Laura K. said...

I'm so against bull fighting! It's such a cruel 'sport'.

Bulls are calm animals by nature they are made out to be horrible killers by humans. I feel bad how they are treated to prepare them to fight and during the fight and eventual murder after.

Anonymous said...

It's true!! I agree totally with her although I could not make half of the words she said... I am so against bullfighting now!!!

Mike Lane said...

I had the chance to see a bull fight when I was in Pamplona. I emphatically refused. But I have to wonder what good it does to strip in protest of bull fighting thousands of miles away from where it takes place. It is the Spanish people who must make the change so it is their hearts and minds we must reach.