Friday, September 12, 2008

Subprime Subway

(the damage doesn't look that dramatic from across the street).

A bit of a cockup this week by the the genius Dutch engineers building the Amsterdam subway.

Peter Doeswijk, a neighbor, told NOS news he had no faith left in the city.
"They said 'we've got everything under control, we've investigated everything,'" he said. "All kinds of experts came by to try to reassure us. Then they go back to work for two days and it happens again."

I wish they would just hurry up and finish the damn thing.

The 'Vijzelcircuit'' (sorry about that spelling) has been a wreck for like, six years now.

Beautiful day though.

What I find less-than-comforting is that these are the same engineers who are telling us, no problem, the dikes are going to hold...

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Anonymous said...

Talking about dikes, I think you're saver here than in the Texas coastal erea. Not much money being spend on watermanagement over there I guess...