Monday, May 25, 2009

Ermine Moths, Sprookjesboom

Yes, it's been a while since I've posted.

I've been living wild adventures, in my own mind. So much to tell, but another time, perhaps.

Meanwhile, I noticed this unusual sight on the way home from work tonight.

Beautiful yet creepy or creepy yet beautiful? The Dutch call them "spinselmotten" or "stippelmotten" (that is, 'spinning moths' or 'spotted moths'). They form large colonies and apparently strip the trees bare, but are not dangerous for people.

A little white butterfly with black spots is the cause and result of all this. If I see them hatching I'll take a picture and update this post.

This was behind Artis zoo, but the critters are turning up all over North Holland because of the unusually warm spring weather.

I also saw a car crash on the way home, on the same bike ride, but that's not so interesting, is it?

Somebody shouted at me as I took the photo below, "who do you think you are, a reporter?"


Anonymous said...

Freaky deaky

Angela said...

I saw something like that in Vondelpark last week and was wondering what it was! Freaky!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i live in England and i have seen the same thing in the woods where i walk my dogs. They are the larvae of an ermine moth.Its an amazing sight to see don't u think.The moth is quite small and there are hundreds of varieties.