Thursday, May 1, 2008

Queens' Day 2008 Amsterdam / Guest Post / Bearing It All

Here is a series of late breaking photos from some friends of mine who witnessed an amusing incident near the Nieuwmarkt: a guy in a teddy bear outfit with an enormous foam-spraying penis got arrested by the cops.

WARNING: this is not exactly safe for work.
On the other hand, it took place about 100 yards from the Red Light District, so I don't think the locals would have been offended.

No more than two beers per person, no fake penises, what's next, no insulting the royal family?


Anonymous said...

Teddybear and sidekick have been detained for 6 hours, released and sent home with complaintforms for false arrests. Long live the Queen!

Anonymous said...

hello...thanks for the sidekick and i got face is scabbed and i am pissed....i am a European union member with a living permit in this SOCIALISTIC union called netherlands...i hope others are as upsett about the current state of affairs as i am...long live the QUEEN

Toby Sterling said...

@Sidekick _ I feel your pain. You guys are heroes in my book. Can I ask: did the cops give you the fake schlong back?

AB said...

Shocking! (That anyone cared enough to complain or press charges for Mr. Bear I mean!)
In the US, yes, in the NL no, especially not on Queens Day. Has that much changed since I was in Groningen for QD in 1994? Is there something more to the story I am missing? Can't you see pretty much the same stuff in window displays he probably was walking right past???

Toby Sterling said...

@AB _ I don't think there's much more to it than that. I have heard a few more details from eyewitnesses; basically one cop thought he had been insulted, so his nostrils flared and he hauled the bear in. The police later admitted it was groundless, but _ what can you do? They have the authority to do that. The "monopoly on legal violence" as I once heard it said. The sidekick was apparently roughly handled despite having only peripheral involvement.
Apparently the crowds razzed the cops as they hauled off the bear.

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Anonymous said...
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