Monday, June 23, 2008

Russia vs. Netherlands 3-1 = Orange Crush

Full disclosure: your author was inebriated while taking these photos.

The mood was better before the game:

Holland at its best: After the loss, all of the Dutchies agreed the Russians deserved to win and sought out the one Russia fan in the cafe to shake his hand.

Brief photo essay after the "More"

(1-0, Russia sweat)

(1-1 equalizer! Hilarity ensues)

(2-1 in extra time and the Dutch are minutes from elimination)

(3-1 and it's all over but the crying)

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Esther de Jong said...

My goodness, Toby you get more and more Dutch by the year. I think you are more Dutch then I am. It is you dancing in that video, right. Wow. Maybe I have to move back to become Dutch again. Love, Esther