Monday, August 4, 2008

Gay Pride 2008

A friend of mine called Cralan said that Amsterdam deserves a medal for Gay Pride day. Sure, every city has one nowadays, but Amsterdam in our opinion is really something special.

I bet, though I can't prove it, that more heteros than homos attend. But who knows.

Anyhow, it's always fun and funny.

Without much more ado, a few photos and film clips taken with my shiny new video camera, the only thing of value I bought back in the U.S.

*APOLOGIES, especially to people I interviewed Saturday. I really couldn't get things working tonight (Sunday) with the videos and I have to sleep. This post will be updated with more material soon...

Your locator:

Along the scenic banks of the Amstel river

The party begins

Q: What are these ladies laughing at?

A: This poor dude who was having problems performing in public, so to speak.

Jesse Helms' fears about the Teletubbies are confirmed:

This one remind anybody of the incident at Queen's Day?

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