Monday, August 25, 2008

Interesting Stories Brewing

There are several interesting stories brewing in the Dutch media right now, all of which need further vetting.

(links are to de Telegraaf, in Dutch).

First, a blood bank that has lost 37,000 donors after the salaries of the top three managers came out _ a combined EUR800,000.

File that one among the "the righteous Dutch anger at pay inequalities." It's an area where I think a lot of people understand where our Dutch brethren are coming from. The real question is why Americans are so easygoing about CEOs who get paid massive amounts to fail.


But in this case I do wonder: what do other blood bank directors make? And, does this mean there is now a blood shortage?

Second, Greenpeace is feeling a little heat after dropping large rocks in the North Sea to screw up fishermen. Reportedly this is a lethal danger for the fishermen. because it could cause a boat to capsize, and bad for the marine life to boot.

I wonder: is it really so dangerous, and does the marine life really suffer? Is it flat-out against the law to go dumping big rocks in the sea? And does Greenpeace stand by the action as a good idea or was it a one-off mistake?

(johnny shaw)

And third, the incredibly sad story of a 28 year old guy who reportedly had himself euthanized after a stabbing left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Dutch media are focusing on whether the stabber here should be charged with murder or attempted murder. One other matter needs more reporting though please: did the doctors really agree to euthanize somebody who's only 28 years old?

I have only sympathy for the man who died and his family.

My question is, I understood that legal euthanasia was only for the terminally ill, suffering great pain, with no hope of recovery...surely this report must be wrong?

(lingual x)

On a lighter note, there's also the "Penis Plant to Bloom" story, but I think I'll just leave that one to, uh, unfold.

The "Penis Plant" is better known to you and I as Amorphophallus Titanum, the reuzenaronskelk, titan arum, or just plain old "schwanz."

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Laura K. said...

If I was paralyzed from neck down, I wouldn't want to live anymore either.

Same if I lost my arms or legs.