Friday, June 29, 2007

Obama Obeisance

Any candidate who dreams of the presidency knows that a visit to my father is necessary. They kiss his hands, they bring a small gift. But dad keeps his own counsel, and gives no public endorsements.

Actually, my father said he attended a fundraiser with an open mind about which candidate he's likely to vote for in 2008.

Surprisingly, given that this was an event you'd think would be populated mostly by supporters, the first question from the audience was an aggressive critique of Obama's position on some topic (I fear healthcare). My dad said Obama acquitted himself admirably, answering the arguments point by point.

Still, no endorsement from Don Sterling.


Ross said...

He's got my vote, so far

Stephanie said...

Toby Sterling! Care for a little blast from the past? I randomly found Robert Prentice's memorial booklet at my parent's house while I was throwing stuff out and laughed when I read all your memories about the summers you spent with him. I fondly share many of your same memories! It made me smile.

Anyway, hope all is well where you are (minus your visa/citizenship stuff--ahhh Google is a wonderful tool!) I am still in the bay area teaching high school math in San Francisco and living with my girlfriend, Melissa--oh how life changes with time. :) My family is good--Sarah is getting married next July and Kerry is doing the server thing in the city and enjoying life. It looks like your family is well also! Congratulations!

Anyway, be good and shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance!