Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stories I Didn't Do - "Rotten Cops"

I get the daily police blotter from Amsterdam, and over the past year I had noticed what seemed to me to be a *ridiculous* number of police officers being fired.

Reasons ranged from drug abuse to violent behavior to corruption _ pretty much anything you could think of. All ages. I saved at least 30 of these in a little text file. I'd post it, but it's in Dutch. Take my word for it.

Anyhow, yesterday the Justice Ministry announced that they had been working on an anti-corruption project on a national scale. So their spin was, there are not an unusually high number of rotten cops here, they are just held to unusually high standards.

The rumor is, Amsterdam cops are more corrupt (if possibly less violent) than others. But there's no evidence.

So, which is it? More corrupt or more caught?

The answer to me seems unknowable.

Let me know if anybody has an idea of how I could crack this nut.

Oh, and this story introduces a tag: 'confronting my ignorance.' I plan to use that one a lot.

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