Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In My Inbox

This was much more interesting than most press releases I get. Unfortunately I couldn't make a story of it because _ no Dutch angle.

I edited out some parts that went on a little too long with "..."

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Subject: [animallibmedia] Ask the Duck!

Received Anonymously:


As the Frente de Liberacion Animal Mexico (FLAM) we feel that if to save animals from being mistreated, tortured, persecuted, hunted, imprisoned and murdered is to be a terrorist, then that is what we are and we love it!


The sun has already been hidden a thousand times, said the duck, while he watched the cars pass. He watched the people stop and with feelings of pity say: What a pretty imprisoned duck; the sad duck sleeps with no one for company, without knowing what it is to be truly free, waking every morning and looking at the sky, admiring his bird brothers and sisters flying from one side to the other. They stop in the trees and look for food; he listens to them singing happy songs; he dreams that some day freedom will arrive and pining to go from the cage where he is shut away, the body will mend itself from this monotony.

On the night of March 2, while he was sleeping, he heard noises. Some humans dressed in black, with ski masks covering their faces approached. They jumped a gate; the duck quacked saying Free me immediately I don't want to be here! The humans wrapped him with a blanket, put him in a box and they carried him away.

The duck, watching through the holes in the box, did not know what was passing before his eyes, but surely it was something good, so he wasn't nervous. Soon the cage was opened and he saw the great sun which he always watched, looking at the rest of his brothers and sisters flying, feeding himself on what they had around them.

He saw water in a much greater quantity than the little that he saw before in his dirty plate of food. The environment had a distinct aroma, the air moved his feathers, his legs touched the moist earth and at last he felt free. He fluttered his wings with great force, vigor and happiness and now this duck, hoping to be rescued and released, that had been disappointed by the cowardice of those who shout 'Animal Liberation' and do nothing for them, is free at last. Is direct action useless? Ask the duck.


(end of press release)

"There are more things in heaven and earth ... than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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I like ducks.

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