Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lego Robots in Amsterdam

If you don't like robots, don't read this post.

It's quite amazing what somebody can make with EUR200 worth of Legos these days _ and a bunch of robotics grad students are just the people to prove it.

Here's a couple of clips from the winning presentation of a robot called "Phobot"

After the "More": geekier and geekier

Back to "Ice Planet Hoth."

The basic concept of the Segway: always return the angle to 90 degrees.


(?David Leal-Martinez?)

(Henriette Cramer)

(Marek Michalowski)

Sorry for the overload on multimedia _ I love my new camera.

Interestingly, it takes acres more time to load via Blogger than YouTube.

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Robotica said...

more information:

LEGO Mindstorms blog

The builder of the ATAT (Daniel), did place the computer into an already available retail kit from LEGO.

Congratulation with Phobot.