Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tampon Hockey, Ook Leuk

I took this photo at a youth hostel two summers ago while on vacation in Enschede. I have to say, it's one of those things that strikes ya kinda funny for about 0.5 seconds and then you move on.

By chance I posted it to my Flickr feed (which I stopped using after they started asking me for money _ I'm open to suggestions for a better free service).

Anyhow, now it's on a website called that's a ripoff of

I would never have known, except somebody took the trouble to send a message to me that Engrishfunny had posted it.

I don't really care whether anybody uses that photo; a few other photos have been lifted from my Flickr stream for commercial purposes, but I'm not interested in trying to make any money off them (reasons: can't be bothered / not worth that much anyway / let people be creative / etc. ). But people do usually tell me when they use one.

Well, as far as I know.

Follow all that?

Now, a side issue is that some of the posters at Engrishfunny are bashing the photo as not being true Engrish since "Tampon Hockey" is correct Dutch.

I just thought it was kinda funny, you know?

But what's REALLY got my curiosity is, why did some guy bother to tell me my photo was being used w/o permission?

Theory 1 (rose colored glasses): Guy was just being altruistic and concerned.
Theory 2 (battle-hardened cynic reporter): Guy is affiliated with and annoyed that Engrishfunny is getting a free ride off my photo.

Ha, what a world!

I have posted another mildly amusing photo to this blog, it awaits those who click "more" below.

Engrish or Engrishfunny: whoever is quickest gets to use it free!

Sorry for the blur ... I couldn't use my flash. Maybe it's funnier if you crop the photo...


Anonymous said...

I'll take it! <3 Engrishfunny

Your flashing octopus will be debuting on our voting page momentarily.

Anonymous said...

I'll link back to this post, if you'd like (send me message at my gmail account: engrishfunny if you'd like attribution in some other way)

Anonymous said...

It's an arms race.

Toby Sterling said...


You win!! I thought you handled it fine in the first place, linking to my Flickr feed.
So, no need for any further attribution. But if you so choose, you could link to this site this time around...