Thursday, July 19, 2007


"After one goose lunges at a passing jogger, attempting to bite his legs, Hof approaches the troublemaker for a little chat. To show he's a friend, he squats to goose level and cups his hand to look like a goose head, forefingers extended like a beak. He raises his arm up and down, mimicking a bobbing goose head; the goose follows it with her own head."
-Associated Press

Quite an experience working with this extraordinary individual, not to mention photos and a tv crew. Bracing for my multimedia future _ I also have a few good action shots of Hof in action, if I can figure out how to get them off my mobile phone...


Leann said...

we had geese on our day the hubby and the girls came running in to the house to say the old gander was chasing them and trying to bit the back of their legs.
I said" we are the farmers they are the animal,s go out and show him who is boss".well they just put up with the old ganders attacks.
well one day I was in no mood to be played.I was going outside to do some thing.and the old gander desided he would see if his tactic,s would work on me."he messed with the wrong fat chic.
he came up behind me and was going to pull his little high jinks.and I turned around and grabbed him by the neck and popped him soundly on the top of the head and put him none to softly on the ground.and said"you maybe able to send the old man and the two girls running for cover old boy,but this chic dont stand for it!!!!we got along great after that.he had great respect for me.
the two girl,s and hubby?well lets just say when the goose came they went...

Toby Sterling said...

This is hilarious Leann, though I'm not sure the Goose Whisperer would approve of your technique.