Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeling Cheap

Just sent out invitations to a bunch of people I know, or used to know, or kind of know, or who are my best friends, asking them to join my "Linked In" network.

Anybody else feel pressured to do this? It's a rotten world, but I'm already participating a little bit, so as James Joyce put it,

"all or not at all."

Only as I recall, Joyce chose 'not at all.'

Don't click because there is no


Jason said...

You put the "AP" in cheap. If you would have started that burrito place in Amsterdam, the gov would have never revoked your citizenship on the account of "Notable gastric contributions to the advancement of Netherlands society." Next time give them the gas face.

Toby Sterling said...

Yeah, instead, I gave them the cactus, and now I'm stuck with no prospects of citizenship, a house, a kid, and another one in the oven.