Wednesday, August 8, 2007


There's talk of banning mushrooms in the Netherlands.

The problem with "Shrooms," in my opinion, is that it's unpredictable how people will react to them. I have nothing to say about whether it's morally wrong or right for someone to try them: people have been eating mushrooms since time began, I guess. They won't hurt your health directly, but when a tourist (or anybody) freaks out after taking them, it can be sad for them and a danger to others.

The real question should be: can society afford to balance the problems and trouble from people freaking out with the freedom people should have to take a trip that's the mental equivalent of flying to Mars? It reminds me very much of people who go hiking or sailing in dangerous areas and then taxpayer money gets spent bailing them out.

Anyhow, the 'kicker' to this story is: the brothers who grow all the mushrooms say they've never taken them themselves. If they get shut down, they plan to take the last ones they grow at a big party with all their friends. Now that's one party I'd like to see...

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