Thursday, April 17, 2008

Allochtonen enter Free at Zwarte Cross Metal/Motorcross Concert

How cool is this?

The organizers of the Zwarte Cross heavy metal and motocross festival have offered to allow any "allocthonen" enter free.

Definition of Allocthoon here.

This is, let it be understood, a festival that appeals predominantly to "white" Dutch, the primary consumers of metal music, motocross, and beer in this fair land.

I distinctly recall images of young Dutch men and women, uh, rolling around in the mud in liplocks at this festival last year.

The press release:

"Under the motto 'if only all of Holland was so hospitable', the Zwarte Cross festival is fighting the hardening .... of public debate around integration and minorities." This is "a funny, positive action to give some perspective against figures like Geert W(ilders) and Rita V(erdonk)."

The press release says all you have to do is show a foreign passport to get free entry. I guess that means I qualify as an American?

Telegraaf article.(Dutch)

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