Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wait...what? Amsterdam forgets its 200th anniversary


According to De Telegraaf (Dutch), The city of Amsterdam has forgotten its own 200th anniversary as the capital city of the Netherlands.

Fill in requisite "smoking too much weed" joke here.

Note that this is not the anniversary of the city's foundation or anything, just the day that Napoleon's second cousin (or whatever) declared it would be the national capital. Back on April 20, 1808.

Wait, you say, isn't The Hague the national capital (you know, parliament, prime minister, etc.)? Nope, it's the seat of government. Sheesh don't you know the difference?


Well, never fear. They're still going to have a celebration, when they get this all sorted out at next week's city council meeting.

In 1908 they had a week-long party. Be afraid, be very afraid.


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