Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Beers for Queensday


According to De Telegraaf (Dutch), the new rule for Queensday (April 30) is, nobody will be allowed to carry more than two beers at one time, unless they run a cafe with a liquor license.

Otherwise the cops (supposedly) will presume you're a vendor and confiscate them.

Now, we could all shout that this is further evidence of Amsterdam's becoming prude, but I guess I'd prefer to say:

Let them decree that monkeys must fly out of my butt, for all the good this rule is going to do.

No force on earth will keep people from staggering around drunk (okay, drunk and stoned) in Amsterdam on Queensday. And I plan to come back with photographic evidence...


Other rules this year, according to the Juridisch Dagblad:

-A maximum of two taps per cafe
-They can only open at 11 a.m.
-They must close by 9 p.m. (hahahahahaha)
-No glass glasses for mixed drinks.
-No amplified music without a permit.
-No sales of alcohol without a license "even from your own garden."

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AB said...

They didn't say you couldn't have more than 2 beers, right? Just no more than 2 at a TIME. Since we only have 2 hands anyway, no biggie. As for two per stop, just encourages people to get out an live it up a bit, and spread the wealth right? ;P