Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Don't Destroy Me Tree" Destroyed

It reminds me of the sad tale of the "Jerk-proof busstop" that was destroyed back in October.

A "Don't Destroy Me" tree planted by the children of a town called Moergestel less than a month ago has been destroyed. Burned down by vandals who struck in the night.

(Planting the tree March 5. Screen capture from BD television).

"We hope that those responsible are caught," Chairwoman Hennie van Schooten was quoted saying in the local newspaper Brabants Dagblad. "Let them pull weeds for a year long in Moergestel."

The tree was planted to call attention to increasing vandalism in Dutch society.

"It's a real shame that people have so little respect for our surroundings," said city councilman Joost Wagenmakers. "This is about more than a tree."

(NOT the actual burnt tree. Obviously. Photo: Marthathegoodone.)

I'm testing a new thing called "Twingly." Story about it here.

Article about the tree in Dutch

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